Thursday, February 5, 2009


(twas trying to find a tie that might bind my quadruplets of thought.. :)

* i came across a student's half-page of seemingly 'nonsensical' poetry while substituting for a 7th grade U.S. History class was really good actually..i had to copy this line down:

"caramel moles and chocolate fingers make everything better. if only the vanilla fingernails were as good"..

* ms. moxie got a new drinking fountain not too long ago..i decided to put a load of ice cubes in there this morning..who knew ice could be so scary!!
~lol~ she stalked it slowly until it melted away, jumping back like it would sting her as it crackled and broke..

* another phase coming to a close today.. how proud i am of sticking with those skates! i am now stronger, more flexible, more balanced and aware of my movements.. almost as good as a root beer blend ;)

* <3